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Pay per click advertising administration is not synonymous with search engine optimization services. Both can have their place in optimizing your overall SEO effort. The information gleaned from pay per click advertising reports is also very important to free search engine marketing campaigns.

With bid maximums up $100 per click through on some phrases, many advertisers react in shock and avoid using these paid services at all. A good search engine optimization services provider can research and find inexpensive keywords to bid on.

Capable SEO companies offering pay per click consulting should not only be able to help you achieve good click through results. They should also:

  • Advise on best keyword choices
  • Advise and write persuasive ad copy to improve CTR.
  • Advise on landing page optimization
  • Suggest ways to improve your company's value offer.
  • Improve the way your value offer is presented in order to increase conversion to sales rates

Pay Per Click Advertising Techniques

Good pay per click techniques include bidding on the right keywords and having a system to cull out the poor performers. Then you can spend your valuable time perfecting the wording of those ads receiving good click through or are generating sales.

BERTINA Search Engine Optimization offers exceptional skill and performance in search engine marketing. If your company does business nationwide or International, PPC advertising is one service you'll want.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords has tremendous reach and geographic targeting, however the number of delivered customers is about the same as Overture. You'll want to use both for a serious campaign.

Google has recently begun the Google Adsense program, which provides wide distribution on content sites across the Web, it is also encouraging webmasters to improve their web sites. Google Adsense offers content sites an opportunity to make money serving relevant advertising. It is simple straight forward and incredibly popular.


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